Black Excellence Daily



The Black Excellence Perpetual Black History Calendar and Journal is the perfect gift for Black creatives or people who geek out on Black history!

The bundle looks like just a calendar and journal, but once you open it, you'll experience the love, connection, and importance of honoring yourself while also paying tribute to the pioneers of the global Black experience.

There is nothing else in the market that combines a diverse Black history with daily motivational quotes and perspectives to redefine your life experience. Every day is an opportunity to create the life you want. A daily history lesson from 366 Black pioneers may be all you need to start your new life.


The Black Excellence Daily app is your connection to the past, present, and future of the Black Experience.

Each calendar day features a hand-picked Black pioneer from the global diaspora who was either born or passed away that day.

Start with 366 global Black pioneers, and discover the firsts in their fields, the successes from adversity, and the stories that came from oppression and limiting life circumstances. Whether African-American, Haitian, Nigerian, or any other country that enriches Blackness, redefine your life with diverse new perspectives that challenge you to honor yourself in all moments and spaces.

No other app combines diverse Black history, daily motivational quotes, personal perspectives, and journaling to redefine your life experience. And where much of Black history focuses on the plights and struggles, the Black Excellence Daily app only features positive content to support your personal development.

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