Black Excellence
+ Journal Bundle

The Black Excellence Perpetual Black History Calendar and Journal is the perfect gift for Black creatives or people who geek out on Black history! With 366 Black pioneers, discover the firsts in their fields, and perspectives to make you reconsider and find yourself through two daily writing prompts.

Nothing else in the market combines diverse Black history with daily motivational quotes and perspectives to redefine your life experience. Every day is an opportunity to create the life you want. A daily history lesson from 366 Black pioneers may be all you need to start your new life. Start reading and journaling today.

Why You'll Love This Bundle:

♕ Daily Inspiration: The perpetual calendar includes a leap year of inspirational, creative, and motivational quotes to change your life perspective. Don't wait for the new year. Start changing your life today.

♕ Black History: Each day features a figure from global Black history: the firsts in their field, the success stories that came from oppression, and the ability to redefine and push the Black experience into a new direction

♕ Easy To Use: The inspirational calendar has a built-in easel stand, which is perfect for your work/school desk or table.

♕ Durable: This calendar is constructed with a gold wire binding that is sturdy and designed for long-term use.

♕ For Everyone: The calendar and notebook are perfect for any age. Young children and teens can enjoy a rich and diverse history. Young adults and creatives can enjoy the daily motivation to honor themselves more and feed their passions.

♕ Writing Prompts: Each journal page requires two writing prompts; Thoughts to Start The Day and Thoughts to End The Day. Make time in your present for a better future.

♕ Reuseable: This calendar is in a perpetual format, so you can use it year after year.

♕ Recyclable: This calendar, the notebook, and the box are all made with 100% recyclable paper.

♕ Support Reforestation in Haiti: 10% of all proceeds support the work of The Haiti Tree Project non-profit. To date our donations have planted

♕ Give Back to the Earth: Each box comes with a thank you card printed on seedable paper. Please plant it!

♕ Perfect gift for Black Creatives, people who geek out on Black History, or people looking for daily motivation.

Black Excellence Calendar Reviews
Black Excellence Calendar Reviews

Perpetual Black History Calendar + Journal: 366 Days of Black Excellence, Self-Love, and Personal Growth

Over 300 units sold.