366 Days of Motivation, Creativity,
and Spirituality

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Unleash the passion, courage, and wisdom of Black Excellence with our perpetual Black History Calendar and Journal Bundle.

Tailored specifically for visionaries and history aficionados, this special bundle delivers a daily hit of empowerment, recognizing your worth while paying homage to Black trailblazers worldwide.

Read through daily Black history, learn from motivational quotes and unique viewpoints – join the journey to change your life. Embrace every day as a chance to carve your path with wisdom from 366 Black icons. Elevate your everyday rituals and honor Black brilliance in a way you've never seen.

Embrace Black Excellence and Your Excellence with Our Inspiring Bundle:

♕ Daily Empowerment: Elevate your daily life with a perpetual calendar featuring a leap year of motivational quotes. Start transforming your perspective today.

♕ Rich Black History: Each day honors a global Black pioneer, celebrating firsts, triumphs over oppression, and reshaping the Black experience.

♕ Convenient & Durable: Enjoy an easy-to-use calendar with a built-in easel stand, gold wire binding for long-term durability.

♕ Versatile & Sustainable: Perfect for all ages, the perpetual format allows reuse, and our 100% recyclable materials support reforestation in Haiti.

♕ Writing Prompts for Growth: Engage with daily writing prompts for morning and evening reflections, fostering a better future.

♕ Give Back: 10% of proceeds support The Haiti Tree Project, and each box includes seedable paper – give back to the Earth!

♕ Fast Shipping: Order before 3 PM EST for same business day shipping.

♕ Ideal Gift: Perfect for Black Creatives, history enthusiasts, or anyone seeking daily motivation.

Experience the blend of inspiration, history, and sustainability – your journey to Black Excellence starts now!

Perpetual Black History Calendar + Journal: 366 Days of Black Excellence, Self-Love, and Personal Growth

The perfect gift for Black creatives or people who geek out on Black history! With 366 Black pioneers, discover the firsts in their fields, and perspectives to make you reconsider and find yourself through two daily writing prompts.

Nothing else in the market combines diverse Black history with daily motivational quotes and perspectives to redefine your life experience. 


Explore the Black Excellence Daily App – Your Gateway to the Past, Present, and Future of the Black Experience. Each day unveils a curated Black pioneer from the global diaspora, born or celebrated on that day. Immerse yourself in the stories of 366 global Black pioneers, discovering firsts in their fields and triumphs over adversity. Whether African-American, Haitian, Nigerian, or beyond, redefine your life with diverse perspectives that inspire self-honor.

No other app offers the unique blend of diverse Black history, daily motivation, personal perspectives, and journaling. Unlike narratives focusing on struggles, our app exclusively features positive content, supporting your personal development journey.

Why You'll Love This App:

♕ Black History: Featuring 366 figures, scientists, artists, and success stories from global Black history, redefining the Black experience for future generations.

♕ Daily Inspiration: Enjoy 366 motivational quotes and personally written perspectives to connect with your journey.

♕ Brief Bio: Explore brief bios highlighting the successes of each figure.

♕ Two Daily Journal Prompts: Reflect on your day with morning and evening prompts, fostering self-awareness.

♕ Search Feature: Easily find past entries, figures, or motivational keywords for a personalized pep-talk.

♕ Black History Moments: Discover triumphant moments written in the present, urging you to create history.

♕ Daily News: Stay informed with hand-picked news on Black Business, Technology, Wellness, and more.

♕ Pass Code Protected: Keep your journal entries private with a 4-digit passcode.

♕ Export Data: Your data is yours – export all your journal entries anytime.

♕ For Everyone: Perfect for all ages, promoting love, community, and healing through rich and diverse history and daily motivation.

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About the Artist

Clifford Genece designed the Black Excellence Calendar + Journal Bundle and App to provide readers with an objective perspective on redefining, reshaping, and taking ownership of their life. The second reason is to provide a brief, yet, immersive and divserse global history of Black people who have contributed to society through taking risks and tapping into the desires in their hearts, regardless of social or economic circumstances.

Clifford is a Brooklyn-born Haitian, creator and co-host of Nothing Moves Without Us A Black Culture Podcast, author of Reaching Toward Toward Your Light: Microdosing on Life To Self-Heal From Your Three Trauma Triggers, and owner of Galt's Conditioning and Antilles Marketing.

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